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State-of-the-art Technology

Global Cardiology first opened its doors in 2015 with a single clinic in Murdoch, WA. Thanks to overwhelming patient demand, we have since expanded to become a network of five clinics across the greater Perth region.

Global Cardiology founder Dr Rajesh Kanna puts this incredible growth down to our unique offering: top-quality cardiovascular care at an affordable price.

Traditionally, heart testing and treatments incurred exorbitant out-of-pocket costs which made them too expensive for many patients.

At Global Cardiology, we lead the way in compassionate high quality cardiac care.

By investing in state-of-the-art technology and reporting systems, we’ve achieved a level of efficiency and cost-effectiveness unmatched by many other clinics.

What does this mean for patients?

With the exception of Cardiac CT testing, all of our diagnostic tests with a medicare rebate are bulk-billed so that there is no out-of-pocket expense for you.

For treatment procedures we offer a No Gap payment scheme, which means there will be no out-of-pocket expense as long as your private health insurance covers cardiac treatment.

This affordability comes at no cost to our level of patient care. We are HDAA-accredited and all tests and treatments are performed by a team of experienced heart specialists.

We are a dedicated team

Of Cardiologists, Doctors, Sonographers, Radiographers, Technicians, Administration and support staff

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    *** COVID-19 Information for Patients ****

    As an essential healthcare provider, we will continue operating, providing services to our patients. We will continue to follow the health department guidelines.

    Please observe the below guideline:

    *Under certain circumstances, you will be required to wear a mask. It is important to follow the most current advice on the requirements for wearing a face mask. Please visit HealthyWA for the most up to date information.

    *If you have COVID-like symptoms, or if you were present at any of the high-risk locations as notified in the government website and media, please DO NOT attend the clinic and contact us to reschedule the appointment.

    *Please limit the accompanying person to one, if you need assistance (No children please).

    Global Cardiology is continuing to closely monitor the information provided by the Australian Health Department and the WA Health Department on the current situation with coronavirus (COVID-19).